Aims and Outcomes of WTR

Aims and Outcomes of The Work that Reconnects

The call of WTR, as Dr. Joanna Macy, founder of WTR, says, is for us to:

  1. Come From Gratitude;
  2. Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark;
  3.  Dare To Vision;
  4. Roll Up Your Sleeves and Link Arms;
  5.  Act Your (Evolutionary) Age;
  6. Eat Some Cake!

The truth is that we are not separate from other life forms as a mechanistic scientific philosophy would have us believe; we are all deeply, inextricably entwined in a glorious dance of inter-dependence in the web of Life. Doing the Work that Reconnects really propels us into experiencing this Oneness in a more deliberate and conscious way as individuals, and then finding our power in expanding this consciousness to all Life forms as a community. In other words, we learn to ‘see with new eyes’, ourselves, one another and the planet.

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The various processes of the Work that Reconnects aim to do the following:

  • to provide people the opportunity to experience and share with others their innermost responses to the present condition of our world.
  • to re-frame their pain for the world as evidence of their inter-connectedness in the web of life, and hence of their power to take part in its healing.
  •  to provide people with concepts– from systems science, deep ecology, or spiritual traditions­­– which illumine this power, along with exercises which reveal its play in their own lives.
  • to provide methods by which people can experience their interdependence with, their responsibility to, and the inspiration they can draw from past and future generations, and other life-forms.
  •  to enable people to embrace the Great Turning as a challenge which they are fully capable of meeting in a broad variety of ways, and as a privilege in which they can take joy.
  • to enable people to support each other in clarifying their intention, and affirming their commitment to the healing of the world.

WTR was drawn together by Joanna Macy PhD., who describes herself as ‘a scholar of Buddhism, general systems theory, and deep ecology’. Joanna is also we well respected activist, author, teacher and voice in the movements for peace, justice, clean energy and ecology.

The foundations of the Work That Reconnects (WTR) help us discover our innate connections with each other and with the self-healing powers in the web of life.  This aim is essential for the emergence of a life-sustaining culture.

For more detailed explanation of the practices click here.


Contact Facilitator – Fill out this Form or call: 0724508229

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